Breaking Down Film with Krossover

Texas High School Football Chat is excited to be partnering with Krossover for this upcoming football season. Their comprehensive technology will tag your film and create tendency reports for you, giving your staff a tremendous scouting edge.

Krossover is specializing in film breakdown that improves how your staff prepares for opponents. Krossover cuts up and tags your game film for you, going way beyond your standard, manual ODK. Each breakdown includes indexed and tagged events that cover every situation within the game, turning each play into its own searchable clip. All of the tedious data entry that coaches spend hours on – down and distance, hash, yardline, play type, etc. – is done within 12 hours, giving coaches their valuable time back, so they can dive deeper into film study. 300x194_1

In addition to a full game breakdown, Krossover provides one-of-a-kind, visual tendency reports, hit charts, and personalized formation reports. Krossover’s Football Formation Software will give you insight into tendencies and down and distance reports for you and your opponent.

But how does Krossover know my terminology? Krossover allows football coaches to add custom terminology to tagged plays within a breakdown. Custom tags allow for coaches to group and filter film based on their own language. Tags can be applied for formations, defenses, play calls, and personnel groups. Krossover will even run analytics on all of your custom tags, so you can see which plays achieve the best results.

Want to know more? Watch here as a Krossover Football specialist walks you through some of the typical workflows used by football coaches when using Krossover to manage and analyze their team’s game film. Find out how to most effectively scout opponent tendencies and make the most out of your Krossover subscription during football season.

Coaches who schedule a demo today will receive a 1-game free trial, which includes all of the features mentioned above.

You can also subscribe to Krossover’s YouTube channel or follow them on Twitter for more helpful tips and tricks.

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