Every Play Revealed Vol II: New England vs Seattle by Alex Kirby

Its the biggest game of the year. No matter what you do, or who you root for you are watching this game. In any game of football, rarely does the result come down to just one play, but in this case, and at this level of excellence, it came as close to that as possible.

New England vs Seattle in this year’s big game was one for the ages. It has everything you look for in a game of this caliber; a team that has established itself as the premiere team over the past decade and a new young team trying to repeat and establish itself as the new power. A Hall of Famer at quarterback and a fresh new face that is impacting the game each week.

A game like this deserves to be dissected and analyzed in a way that you can appreciate what each team has done to prepare for their opponent. Alex Kirby has done this for you in another outstanding edition of Every Play Revealed Vol II: New England vs Seattle.


Inside you will find the breakdown of every play with explanations of what the quarterback sees and why they made each decision. You will see reviews of each drive and what the team learned. You also get each play diagrammed with routes, stunts, coverages, and blocking schemes. This is an excellent analysis of one of the greatest championship games at the professional level.

NE playSEA play

And then there is THE play….Why did Seattle throw the ball? Why not use your best player? Why, Why, Why? Alex Kirby answers these questions to explain what Pete Carroll and the Seattle OC was thinking at this stage of the game.

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