Formations: Stack and Bunch

Formation(s): Stack & Bunch

Written by: Coach Kristian Johnson
Tyler Junior College
Twitter: fb_coachjohnson

The objective of the spread offense is in it’s name, Spread the defense out wide and attack the space created. Two particular formation(s) that gives an offense that advantage are the “Double Stack” and the Bunch formation. The two formation(s) are space creators and one similar trait that they both contain is the ability to keep a defense honest.

Let’s start with the Stack formation. In 2012 Head Coach of the Oregon Ducks Chip Kelly, introduced the “double stack” formation against Colorado. The stack formation is very effective being that it can be useful in the run game or through the air, keeping the defense honest and on it’s heels.







The stack formation causes problems for defenses who are overly aggressive with blitzes, and defenses who are quick to play man coverage. It also forces the overhang linebackers to declare if he wants to be a box player, or an area player. An offensive coordinator can use multiple RPOs to manipulate the conflict defenders.






Much like the Double Stack formation, the Bunch formation does everything you want in a spread offense. It creates space for receivers to get open, and allows your offense to attack the space created. Another factor in the Bunch formation is that it forces a defense to declare their coverage. Because the bunch formation is a natural man beater and space creator, once the defense declares it’s coverage the Quarterback should already have an idea of where to go with the football.










These are two great formation(s) to implement in a spread attack offense, it keeps a defense honest and it makes a defense declare their coverage with no ability to hide it. Both the Stack & Bunch can have great effect in the run game and through the air. Also, many RPOs can be ran out of this formation to keep the defense at a disadvantage.

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