Jared Wood Ph.D.

DSC_0009This week on #txhsfbchat we are fortunate to have Jared Wood, Ph.D., leading us in a discussion about motivating our athletes. Dr. Wood has been a performance coach and educator for 20 years. Dr. Wood first gained a love of sport psychology while he was a student-athlete at Albion College (MI). While at Albion, his experiences on a national championship football team led to an interest in peak performance. As a performance coach, Dr. Wood has worked with athletes ranging from youth sports to professional ranks. He has authored numerous sport psychology articles and other publications, including the recent publication of his mental game training manual, It’s Only Cold On One Sideline. He is a school, clinical, and sport psychologist and writes a monthly column for American Football Monthly. He lives in Clarkston, MI with his wife and daughter.

You can follow Jared Wood on twitter @woodjared and @1sideline. You can also read his blog 1sideline.com.

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