My Football Beliefs

I believe in the offensive line. Of all the members of a football team, the players in this position embody what it means to be a teammate. A good offensive line can carry your team deep into the playoffs. They keep football fun.

I believe in running the ball. A good run game breaks the will of the opponent. 

I believe in inside and outside zone. I also believe in power. They are great run plays that you can build an offense around. You can also use them to complement each other in the same offense. A good play is a good play.

I also believe in the pass. You cannot be one dimensional on offense. If you can run the ball well, you should also be able to pass the ball well. Sometimes the run sets up the pass, sometimes the pass sets up the run. Use them for both.

I believe in defense. In this day and age of pinball machine offenses, making a team give up the ball just one time can be the difference in the game.

I believe it is the Jimmies and the Joes, but the Xs & Os can’t be ignored. 

I believe in the option. I grew up in the split back veer, and now love a good zone read or a well-read RPO. Putting the defense in conflict and keeping them uncomfortable is a great feeling.

I believe there is a role on the football team for every kid that wants to be a part of something.

I believe when you have the opportunity, you finish the game by controlling the clock and running the ball. End the game with class, showing respect for the team on the other side, no matter your personal feelings.

I believe a well executed and properly set up play action pass to be one of the most beautiful football plays you can run.

I believe football is a game. It is a game that I, and many others, have been fortunate to make part of their lives.

I believe football is an opportunity to connect and build others up. Use this opportunity wisely.

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