One Offense

One of my least favorite things about Twitter is the I’m right and everybody else is wrong arguments that occur. Especially regarding offensive styles of football. These end up being the least productive conversations, with limited opportunities to learn.

Over my time as a coach, I have worked in a system based in the Wing-T that has evolved so much that you could not tell where we began. We use zone, gap, and man run schemes to attack the front. We incorporate Air Raid concepts into our passing game to attack the coverage. We are the hodge podge offense….open up our playbook and you will find influence from all schemes and systems.

Talking with as many coaches as I do through social media, this is pretty much what everybody’s offense has, or is becoming. We take a little here, take a little there, and mix it together to make it work for our teams.

Making our system work for our teams, for the talents and skills of our players, is really what we all do anyway, right? I hope so. If we aren’t then I think we are wasting our time on Xs & Os. Teaching scheme is the easy part. Working with the multitude of personalities, skill sets, and backgrounds is the hard part. This is where we really need to focus our attention, and our own learning.

So take your system and coach it up in a way that builds up your kids. Teach them skills of being disciplined, learning from failure, and to work towards a desired goal. If they leave your program feeling they accomplished something, then you have run the best system there in football.

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    Do you have any information on
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