Why Do You Coach Football?

This week #txhsfbchat had the good fortune of Tai Brown, Education Director of the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) as our host. We discussed topics covered during the 30 Coaches Under 30 Institute AFCA hosts for one day at the national convention. The institute targets young coaches who have ascended the career ladder faster than average, and provides leadership education as they continue their climb.

The first two questions of the night struck a chord with me because of the self-evaluation required to answer each one.

Why Do You Coach Football?

What Are Your Goals For Your Coaching Career?

Many coaches are quick to answer without really breaking down what each question asks. The first question, Why do you coach football, has two parts that make up your whole answer. The question begins by asking Why do you coach? Basically what part of spending time with other people’s children, teaching them how to play a game to the best of their abilities appeals to you?

I coach because I enjoy the challenge and the opportunity to lead our young athletes through an important time in their life. I want to build positive relationships with my student athletes and help them become the best possible version of themselves before they start their next phase in life. I love my coaches and teachers who impacted my life in high school. Their influence, coupled with my own desire to work with students, led me to this profession I love.

The second part of the question refers to the specific sport of football. So the question does not stop at why do you coach, but why do you coach football?

I love this because to answer you must not only think about your reasons for coaching, but what characteristics does football contain that allow you to fulfill your why.

I coach football because I love the sport, the strategy involved, and the dependence on the people around you to help you accomplish your goal. Football tugs at the emotions. It makes you excited, sad, frustrated, and ecstatic. I love coaching the offensive line and the challenge of stopping the opponent’s attack. The mental approach of an extremely physical position appeals to me and keeps my brain actively searching for answers. These five young men working together to help the other six get their name called out over the speakers and have the crowd roar when they do their job, while my crew lines up to keep doing their job, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The second question stuck with me, not due to my answer, but because I believe in order to answer this question you have to understand, and believe in your answer to the first. Whatever your professional goals include, it is important to have them tied in to why you coach and why you choose football as your sport. If you do not attach your goals to your beliefs, then you need to re-evaluate your goals, and maybe even your why.

I hope you take time to think about why you choose to coach football, and what you would like to accomplish over the course of your career. I invite you to comment below and answer the question(s):

Why do you coach football?
What are your goals for your coaching career?

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