So You Want to Coach Football in Texas

I get asked a lot about moving to Texas to coach. One thing I have discovered over the course of #TXHSFBCHAT is coaches outside of Texas move around a lot, and many are not afraid to move from one state to another.  In Texas, many coaches rarely leave the area or region they coach in…

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What Football Language Do You Speak?

Looking at offensive formations is a fascinating way to learn how your system works.  From personnel location and variation to defensive alignment, formations provide insight into what an offense or defense is trying to accomplish. Take this formation for example: This formation had 39 different names, but overall the plays run from it were the…

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Team Player Podcast – Episode 7 with Coach Ben Moran

11-year coaching veteran and former High School Head Football Coach/Athletic Coordinator turned broadcaster James Kowalewski invites influential coaches to talk life beyond x’s and o’s. Join the Team Player Revolution as Coach Kovo takes an always heartfelt and often humorous look at the stories behind what made these coaches who they are. Perfect for anyone…

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