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The First Two Possessions

Q1: How do you prepare your game plan for the first two possessions of the game?
Q2: How does your first possession directly impact your second possession? How much influence does the result (3 and out, stalled, TD, etc) of the possession play on ensuing possessions?
Q3: How early and how many touches do you aim for your playmakers to get in the first two possessions?
Q4: What shots do you plan in your first two possessions? Does this include trick plays?
Q5: How important are early scores and/or quick strikes in the opening possessions of the game to your offense?

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Team Ownership

Q1: How much ownership do you give your team when it comes to culture and discipline?
Q2: How do you decide what responsibilities the coaches take on compared to what you put on the players?
Q3: How do you prepare your athletes to take a bigger role in leading the team?
Q4: What specific responsibilities do you put in the hands of your players and coaches?
Q5: Explain who you believe owns the team…the coach(es), the players, or the school.

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Motions and Shifts

Q1: What motions do you employ to run the ball inside, or to get the ball to the perimeter?
Q2: What is your favorite use of motion when creating mismatches?
Q3: What is your favorite use of shifts to create confusion on the defense?
Q4: How does the defense deter a team from shifting?
Q5: What is your favorite play to get the ball to the receiver or back in motion to keep the defense honest?

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42 Things Every Successful Coach Does With Their Program

 Grab This 42-Point Summer Checklist for Football Coaches Download the Checklist Summer presents a unique opportunity for every coach in the nation by giving them a chance to make major improvements inside their program. With so much to do, it can be easy to forget all the areas your program needs to get better. Many…

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Game Planning

Q1: How are your game plan meetings organized each weekend? Who leads it, how is input given/received, etc
Q2: Do you use your game plan to design your practice plan?
Q3: What has been the biggest game plan mistake you have learned?
Q4: What are the most importat situations you plan for each week?
Q5: How much of your game plan is based on self-scout?

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Pass Game Chat

Q1: What is your main pass protection scheme?
Q2: Do you have a different protection for quick game than you use for drop back passes?
Q3: What is the difference in your 6 man protection vs your 5 man rules?
Q4: When reading routes, do you use a progression read or half field? Why?
Q5: Do your receivers adjust their routes according to down and distance and field location? Why or Why not?

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Run Game Chat

Q1: What is your favorite two-back formation and how do you use each as a weapon?
Q2: What creative ways do you incorporate your slot receiver into your run game?
Q3: How do you run Outside Zone and what are your coaching points for the RB? How do you teach OL footwork?
Q4: What is your preference when running the ball are you Zone or Gap Scheme and why?
Q5: Run game counters. You have been running the ball the first half. How do you change thing up in the second half to prevent the defense from taking away your run game?

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In Game Adjustments

Q1: How far into the game do you start adjusting your plan?
Q2: What is the difference between during the game adjustments and half-time adjustments?
Q3: How do you adjust personnel during the game?
Q4: How does personnel impact your adjustments? Your own and the opponent
Q5: What are the expectations of each coach to notice and identify needed adjustments?

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Situational Football

Q1: Situation: 1st and 10 on the minus 35, first play of the game, which play do you choose?
Q2: Situation – 2nd and 3 on the minus 48, 2nd quarter and down by 14
Q3: Situation – 3rd and 7 on the plus 36, 1st possession of the 3rd quarter and up by 7
Q4: Situation – 4th and 2 ball on the plus 47, down by 6 with 1 minute in the game
Q5: Situation – Going for 2 to win the game in the nth overtime

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What Football Language Do You Speak?

Looking at offensive formations is a fascinating way to learn how your system works.  From personnel location and variation to defensive alignment, formations provide insight into what an offense or defense is trying to accomplish. Take this formation for example: This formation had 39 different names, but overall the plays run from it were the…

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