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QB Development with QBIQ

Q1: What methods have you found successful in training your QBs to recognize coverage pre-snap?
Q2: How much off the field time do you invest in QB development?
Q3: How do you connect the off the field instruction directly to on the field performance in practice?
Q4: Do you include your Wide Receivers in QB meetings?
Q5: How can QBIQ help you?

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Philosophy of Football: Defense

Q1: What are the things your defense must do?
Q2: How will these goals be executed?
Q3: All things being equal, do you go with a 3-4, 4-3, 4-2, or 3-3 and why?
Q4: What type of players do you look for on your team to fill the positions?
Q5: How aggressive do you want your defense to be? How do you control it?

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Q1: When planning your practice, how much time do you spend working fundamental technique compared to installing scheme for your position?
Q2: Do you plan your practice schedule together as a staff, or does your head coach plan it for the team?
Q3: How many different instructional methods (kinesthetic, visual, lecture) do you use during your individual time?
Q4: With contact times being limited more and more, how do you incorporate game like conditions of play into your practice?
Q5: How do you plan for quality reps for the sub-varsity players? What would you say your percentage of reps your sub-varsity players get in your scheme compared to your varsity?

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Powerful Allies by Angela Hayes

I had the opportunity to meet with a friend of a friend and share ideas on the building of community.  I met a very dynamic individual whose mind is constantly activated.  In this reflection Angela wrote, she captures the importance of community that I and #TXHSFBCHAT hope to bring to our network.  Thank you for…

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3rd and Longer

The game of football is under attack.  I have blown this off for many years because of the popularity of the game and because Texas is insulated from the rest of the football nation due to the culture and organization of high school football.  I embrace this opinion now because I see the impact in…

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Culture in the Coaches Office

It’s not the Xs and the Os, it’s the Jimmies and the Joes.  Most of the time when a coach uses this cliche, he will use it to stress what is important in a program.  Your offensive or defensive system is important, but the people who are executing the game plan each week have more…

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MaxOne – Your New Digital Director of Football Operations

There’s a lot going on when it comes to technology and innovation in the sport of Football. Coaches and athletes are always looking for an edge, and new technologies are continuously coming into play. It’s important for coaches to realize this, and to adapt to an ever-changing environment.   At TXHSFBCHAT, we take pride in…

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