To Playbook or Not Playbook

Q1: How do you present your offense or defense to your players and coaches? #txhsfbchat
Q2: What is your reason for using a playbook, or not using a playbook? #txhsfbchat
Q3: If you do use a playbook, how often do you update it with new information? #txhsfbchat
Q4: If you don’t have an official playbook, where do you keep your information for reference purposes? #txhsfbchat
Q5: When giving your athletes and coaches hard-copies of your playbook, do you incorporate using it in meetings? #txhsfbchat
Q6: If you don’t use a hard playbook, are there any circumstances where you do provide copies of the plays to players or coaches? #txhsfbchat
Q7: How has advancing technology changed the way you use/transmit your offense and defense to your athletes and coaches #txhsfbchat

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