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In Game Adjustments

Q1: How far into the game do you start adjusting your plan?
Q2: What is the difference between during the game adjustments and half-time adjustments?
Q3: How do you adjust personnel during the game?
Q4: How does personnel impact your adjustments? Your own and the opponent
Q5: What are the expectations of each coach to notice and identify needed adjustments?

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Situational Football

Q1: Situation: 1st and 10 on the minus 35, first play of the game, which play do you choose?
Q2: Situation – 2nd and 3 on the minus 48, 2nd quarter and down by 14
Q3: Situation – 3rd and 7 on the plus 36, 1st possession of the 3rd quarter and up by 7
Q4: Situation – 4th and 2 ball on the plus 47, down by 6 with 1 minute in the game
Q5: Situation – Going for 2 to win the game in the nth overtime

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What Football Language Do You Speak?

Looking at offensive formations is a fascinating way to learn how your system works.  From personnel location and variation to defensive alignment, formations provide insight into what an offense or defense is trying to accomplish. Take this formation for example: This formation had 39 different names, but overall the plays run from it were the…

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Analytics with Coach Terrance Banks

Q1) Analytics show the importance of P&10, offenses that gain 4 or more yards on this down score 74% of the time at the FBS level, my team was 64% for 4 or more yards. How does your team plan game plan 1st down on Off. or Def.? What do you look for each week? #txhsfbchat

Q2) teams that win the turnover battle, won 80% of the time. What does your team do on Off to make sure you keep the ball and/or on defense to take it away? Any tips for teams? #txhsfbchat
Q3) The team that lost the sack battle averaged approximately 17 points less per game. What does your team do on Offense to keep the QB protected and/or what do you do on defense to devise a plan to come up with sacks? Protection changes? Weekly Blitzes? #txhsfbchat

Q4) What does your team do weekly in the practice schedule to give your team an edge? Red Zone drill different? 2 min drill? Practicing the middle 8? Best on Best? #txhsfbchat

Bonus Q5: What defensive look has been important for you stopping the RPO game of opposing teams? What RPO has been a go to for your team or that you are looking to install? If you don’t run RPO’s what play stirs your coffee? #txhsfbchat

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How Much Offense?

Q1: How much offense do you carry into each game week?
Q2: Do you package your plays situationally, or is it all fair game at any time?
Q3: What are the limiting factors that determine your weekly offensive package?
Q4: Which part of your offense changes the most from week to week?
Q5: How do you know if you planned for too much as you go through the week?

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Defeating Doubt

There’s nothing more disappointing for a coach than when you believe in an athlete and they don’t believe in themselves.   And especially when they allow that disbelief to impact their performance. Self-doubt is such a powerful force. It only takes a small dose to cripple a person.  I saw it happen today. An athlete I’ve…

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Philosophy of Football: Special Teams

Q1: Where do Special Teams fit into your philosophy of schemes?
Q2: How do you relate the importance of each special teams unit to your players?
Q3: How do you work Special Teams into each practice and what units do you work the most?
Q4: What is your personnel philosophy for filling each unit?
Q5: How does your Fourth Down philosophy impact your Special Teams Philosophy?

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