Situational Football

Q1: Situation: 1st and 10 on the minus 35, first play of the game, which play do you choose?
Q2: Situation – 2nd and 3 on the minus 48, 2nd quarter and down by 14
Q3: Situation – 3rd and 7 on the plus 36, 1st possession of the 3rd quarter and up by 7
Q4: Situation – 4th and 2 ball on the plus 47, down by 6 with 1 minute in the game
Q5: Situation – Going for 2 to win the game in the nth overtime

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Analytics with Coach Terrance Banks

Q1) Analytics show the importance of P&10, offenses that gain 4 or more yards on this down score 74% of the time at the FBS level, my team was 64% for 4 or more yards. How does your team plan game plan 1st down on Off. or Def.? What do you look for each week? #txhsfbchat

Q2) teams that win the turnover battle, won 80% of the time. What does your team do on Off to make sure you keep the ball and/or on defense to take it away? Any tips for teams? #txhsfbchat
Q3) The team that lost the sack battle averaged approximately 17 points less per game. What does your team do on Offense to keep the QB protected and/or what do you do on defense to devise a plan to come up with sacks? Protection changes? Weekly Blitzes? #txhsfbchat

Q4) What does your team do weekly in the practice schedule to give your team an edge? Red Zone drill different? 2 min drill? Practicing the middle 8? Best on Best? #txhsfbchat

Bonus Q5: What defensive look has been important for you stopping the RPO game of opposing teams? What RPO has been a go to for your team or that you are looking to install? If you don’t run RPO’s what play stirs your coffee? #txhsfbchat

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How Much Offense?

Q1: How much offense do you carry into each game week?
Q2: Do you package your plays situationally, or is it all fair game at any time?
Q3: What are the limiting factors that determine your weekly offensive package?
Q4: Which part of your offense changes the most from week to week?
Q5: How do you know if you planned for too much as you go through the week?

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Philosophy of Football: Special Teams

Q1: Where do Special Teams fit into your philosophy of schemes?
Q2: How do you relate the importance of each special teams unit to your players?
Q3: How do you work Special Teams into each practice and what units do you work the most?
Q4: What is your personnel philosophy for filling each unit?
Q5: How does your Fourth Down philosophy impact your Special Teams Philosophy?

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QB Development with QBIQ

Q1: What methods have you found successful in training your QBs to recognize coverage pre-snap?
Q2: How much off the field time do you invest in QB development?
Q3: How do you connect the off the field instruction directly to on the field performance in practice?
Q4: Do you include your Wide Receivers in QB meetings?
Q5: How can QBIQ help you?

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Philosophy of Football: Defense

Q1: What are the things your defense must do?
Q2: How will these goals be executed?
Q3: All things being equal, do you go with a 3-4, 4-3, 4-2, or 3-3 and why?
Q4: What type of players do you look for on your team to fill the positions?
Q5: How aggressive do you want your defense to be? How do you control it?

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Q1: When planning your practice, how much time do you spend working fundamental technique compared to installing scheme for your position?
Q2: Do you plan your practice schedule together as a staff, or does your head coach plan it for the team?
Q3: How many different instructional methods (kinesthetic, visual, lecture) do you use during your individual time?
Q4: With contact times being limited more and more, how do you incorporate game like conditions of play into your practice?
Q5: How do you plan for quality reps for the sub-varsity players? What would you say your percentage of reps your sub-varsity players get in your scheme compared to your varsity?

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