Getting More Out of Your Tackling Systems

Q1. Saying “get better at tackling” is such a big term, it can almost feel meaningless. So, what specific areas of the tackle or tackle types did you target to get better at this offseason? How did you go about getting better? #TXHSFBCHAT
Q2. What is the best, most impactful coaching point, new teaching term, or drill tweak you picked up this offseason? #TXHSFBCHAT
Q3. What are your favorite true non-contact tackle drills you use in the offseason with your state rules on contact and/or equipment? Video, GIFs and/or Diagrams encouraged. Coaches helping Coaches! #TXHSFBCHAT
Q4. How do you plan on grading your team’s tackles this upcoming season? What items are key to track in your grading and have statistics of? Make/Miss, YAC, Right/Left Shoulder, Tackle Height, 5Fights, etc…? #TXHSFBCHAT
Q5. How do you change/tweak drills for different position groups when programming your tackle training? Please share unique drills you use for specific position groups. Again, Video, GIFs, & Diagrams encouraged. #TXHSFBCHAT
Q6. #TXHSFBCHAT How do you adjust your tackle training week-2-week based on the offense you will face plus the defenses you expect to call and where that puts players in space? How about the abilities of the runner and run plays you expect to face?

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