Clinic Learning

Q1: What is more important to you at a clinic, who is speaking or the topic they are speaking on? Why?
Q2: Where do you keep your notes? How often do you go back and review them?
Q3: Do you ever present, or produce something (like a blog) to share what you learned to your staff?
Q4: How is your clinic learning supported by your school? Is it just a suggestion to do on your own, or is it an expectation that the school/district helps you complete?
Q5: Does your staff do in-house clinics in the off-season? Each coach presents on a topic to their current coaching staff
Q6: What would you say is the split of topics you learn from in a clinic between Xs & Os, culture/program organization, or coaching styles and techniques?
Q7: If you could add or change something about your usual football clinic, what it would be and why?

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