Player-Driven Culture – Mike Kuchar, X&O Labs

Q1-What is your definition of a “Player-Driven Culture?”
Q2-In what ways are you entrusting players to protect and defend your culture?
Q3-How do you know when your program has been elevated to a player-driven culture?
Q4-What roadblocks have you encountered when creating and sustaining a player-driven culture?
Q5-How often can coaches continue to re-evaluate and re-align their culture?
Q6-How does a head coach’s role change in a player-driven system?
Q7-How often does the culture need to be re-evaluated or re-aligned?

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42 Things Every Successful Coach Does With Their Program

 Grab This 42-Point Summer Checklist for Football Coaches Download the Checklist Summer presents a unique opportunity for every coach in the nation by giving them a chance to make major improvements inside their program. With so much to do, it can be easy to forget all the areas your program needs to get better. Many…

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