Coach Chris Fore #txhsfbchat guest host for November 11, 2015

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Coach Fore is a Special Education Algebra teacher, Varsity Special Teams Coordinator, and former Athletic Director here in Southern California. He has coached football for 15 years.

In 2012, he started a business consulting coaches in the job hiring process among the highly competitive athletic world. His consulting business, EightLaces, has been instrumental in helping coaches navigate the employment process. He counts former NFL players, collegiate coaches at all levels, and high school coaches from all sports as his clients.

Fore’s success as an Athletic Director can best be summed up by this: every year he has been an AD, his school won MORE League Championships than the year before! And he has set SCHOOL RECORDS for most League Championships in one year at both schools where he has been an AD!

Coach Fore is the author of several books and manuals that have helped coaches in building their programs, and the job search process: Building Championship Caliber Football Programs, Outside The Lines Manual For Football Coaches, Outside The Lines Manual for Athletic Directors, the Shield Punt E Clinic, and An Insider’s Guide To Scoring Your Next Coaching Job. You can find each of these items at EightLaces.

Fore has written articles for two national magazines: NIAAA and Coach/Athletic Director, and has been featured in articles on some of football’s best websites: Football Scoop, X and O Labs, Coach XO, My CoachBook and more. He has been a guest on High School Football America’s radio show, as well as Fox Sports AM 570 Los Angeles, and has also appeared multiple times on

Fore’s own blog is seen by hundreds of unique visitors per day, and is a favorite among football coaches.

Coach Fore has a Master’s Degree in Coaching and Athletic Administration from Concordia University, and has earned the Certified Athletic Administrator distinction from the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association.

He married Christine in 2004, and they have three beautiful children: Nate (8) and Taylor (6), and Josiah (3 ).

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